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The purpose of the rope is to keep the barrels snug under the dock in rough water. Prepare to install the top deck. Flip the deck over so the barrels are touching the ground and install the top deck. Install the top surface deck. We used treated 6ft deck boards for the top and secured them with 3″ deck screws.

A & D Docks has been providing service to North Central Wisconsin since 1996. We are an authorized dealer for Hewitt, Pier Pleasure, and a number of other brands. We carry a complete line of docks for all types of lakeshore situations including roll-in-docks, sectional docks, floating docks and a complete line of dock accessories.
Established in 1991, Dock Edge is a manufacturer of dock products + accessories! With over 70 categories of products, we have everything your dock needs. When you purchase Dock Edge products, you are investing in quality marine products that are durable and reliable.
Floating Docks can be attached to your seawall. shoreline, stationary dock, or pilings. There can be many benefits of a floating dock such as; they are a preferred choice and best solution to problems posed by Florida’s canals and waterways-tidal fluctuations, deep water or rocky bottoms, and environmentally sensitive areas.
Dock floats Eagle Floats Docks kits (DIY) Dock Hardware Dock protection Solar Lights Thruflow Decking Dock wheels PWC Ports Accessories Ladders (450) 279-0150 1 (877) 564-7824 View our Catalogue
Galvanized Steel Inside Corner Kit by Dock Edge®. The DockEdge+ Floating Connector Hinge Kit includes all heavy duty hot dipped Galvanized mounting hardware required to securely attach Dock 2 Go modular dock sections together.This...

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How to attach a floating dock to a stationary dock

Floating Boat Docks. Looking for a versatile option, then check out the Patriot Docks floating dock options. These docks are perfect for lakes and rivers with fluctuating water levels, seasonal tide changes, and possible flooding. To create a customized option, the kits can be added to existing floating docks with additional sections. Galvanized Steel Inside Corner Kit by Dock Edge®. The DockEdge+ Floating Connector Hinge Kit includes all heavy duty hot dipped Galvanized mounting hardware required to securely attach Dock 2 Go modular dock sections together.This... Jul 28, 2020 · floating dock ramp hinge Aluminum ramp hinge bracket, mounts to seawall or stationary dock and connects to a floating dock ramp/gangway. Includes the bolt and (2) nuts which go through the ramp strap and ramp hinge connectors, and shields and lags for mounting hardware to seawall or stationary dock. Reversible hinge allows you to bolt EZ Port PWC lifts or EZ Dock sections to other types of floating docks. Part #: 100750, 100750SS Add a deadweight insert to our heavy-duty polyethylene pipe bracket to anchor docks in deep water or over rocky bottoms. Floating and Stationary Docks Our residential marina structures and services will help you keep your boat and equipment safe and secure. Depend on Superior Seawalls & Docks to construct robust, safe, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing dock structures using the finest grade materials available.

"For floating dock applications where an outside corner is not necessary. Includes 4 heavy duty inside corners and 4 backer plates. Requires 32 x 2-1/2"" x 1/2"" carriage bolts, lock washer and nuts (not included)." AccuDock docks are lightweight, portable, and easy to self-install. In fact, 75% of all applications are self-installed by the customer. _____ Pond King Floating Docks. Nothing beats a weekend fishing, swimming or boating in your own lake or pond and nothing makes the water more usable than a Pond King floating dock. One benefit of a floating ... Jul 25, 2012 · This dock already had the posts in the ground so we just had to finish it. It sounds easy until you encounter water that is 10+ feet deep. We both strapped 2 life jackets to our legs and went at it. After a few days, we got it finished and I think it turned out great. For attaching your boat lift or floating dock to existing floating docks or floating marina piers, use the Fender Mooring System. This system protects both the JetDock floating dock kit and the existing floating dock structure or marina from rubbing or abrasions, yet it will remain firmly and securely attached. Installing A Stand-Alone Structure Dock Hardware Galvanized Add A Stringer Joist/Support Beam Boat Dock Frame Kit $ 19.50 Stainless Dock in a Box DH SDIAB $ 449.99 – $ 549.99 Dock Galvanized Link Kit DH-GLK $ 41.99

Prices: Floating Dock Kit – Price List. The pictures above and below show a 32 x 8.5 foot dock section with wheels being towed behind a truck. On top of the dock section is resting a 32 x 4.3 foot gangway that will be used to attach the dock to the shore. Floating Dock Connector (FDH029) $ 27.25 Add to cart; Slotted Floating Dock Connector (FDH040) $ 38.75 Add to cart; Slotted Floating Dock Connector w/pin (FDH041) $ 49.50 Add to cart; Large-Anchor Ring (FDH036) $ 30.75 Add to cart; Small-Anchor Ring (FDH037) $ 16.50 Add to cart; PolyFlange Float – 2′ x 4′ x 12 $ 165.00 Add to cart

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